The Redemption Street

Production: Filmkombajn and Pakt Media (Slovenia)
Director: Miroslav Terzic
Screenplay: Djordje Mirosavljevic/Nikola Pejakovic
Genre: Political Thriller
Number of viewers in Serbia: 60.000


It has been years since the war ended. A young deputy prosecutor, Dusan, handling the investigation of war crimes, is assigned to investigate the formation of a paramilitary group. Quickly he comes to learn that this is a branch of the “First Pioneer’s”, a group which was operating on the battlefields in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, after which they disappeared without a trace. Dusan is determined to bring the case to a positive resolution in order to show his father, a famous retired law professor and to his boss, a senior war crimes prosecutor, that he is capable of the job. For Dusan, this becomes much more than a simple case; it becomes a matter of personal confrontation and conviction. No one expects the investigation will come too much and Dusan’s associates feel he’s destined to fail, until Dusan finds the unit’s only surviving soldier, Micun, who is hiding from his past and trying to live peacefully and quietly. The encounter of Dusan and Micun changes their lives in unpredictable ways and directly affects their families and futures.

Festivals and Awards

2012 Sopot Film Festival
Prize: Festival Grand Prix

2012 Sarajevo Film Festival
Award: The Heart of Sarajevo

2012 Cottbus Film Festival
Award: Best deby movie

October 2012 Mumbai Film Festival
October 2012 36th International Film Festival Sao Paolo
January 2013 Goteborg Film Festival
January 2013 Trieste Film Festival